Health Coaching

Health coaching sessions consist of goal setting, motivational interviewing and problem solving to address dietary and lifestyle choices. With a focus on breaking diet mentality and instead learning to eat intuitively with whole foods. This means reconnecting to our ability to listen to the needs of our body and understanding our own hunger and fullness cues as well as understanding our relationship to food and how it impacts our choices. We will work together to create lifestyle changes that will lead to long term success.

Cooking Lessons

Learning how to work with whole foods, rather than processed or refined foods is an integral part of creating a healthy lifestyle and understanding how to cook is an important part of making healthy dietary choices. This can be a barrier for those who haven’t learned these skills, and can be an intimidating idea. Cooking lessons with Michaela include knife skills, whole food cooking basics, food safety skills and more.

Grocery Shopping Tours

Grocery shopping tours serve many purposes; together we will go through grocery shopping from start to finish, learning how to be time and cost effective. Tours start with how to organize your list for efficient shopping and include discussing the benefits of foods as we pick them out and learning how to save money and shop in an environmentally friendly manor through bulk bins. Tours are an excellent way to empower yourself to continue making healthy choices in your every day life.